CVS Caremark Sucks

My advice to anyone seeking a job at CVS Caremark is to beware.  We are living in trying times due to the economy and if you are offered a job at CVS Caremark, then you better be prepared to be paid less for an overwhelming expectations.  That goes for a lot of jobs out there, but for now I am just focusing on CVS Caremark.  This company as of January 2011 is taking away precious PTO (Paid Time Off) hours from all employees in which you will only get 2 weeks.  PTO is vacation and sick leave combined.  You may think that I can survive on 2 weeks of PTO time, but you have to keep in mind that people get sick, their spouses get sick, their children get sick.  You also have to take PTO time for doctors and dentist appointments (which includes your children as well).  CVS Caremark also has eliminated the health club reimbursement and reduced the education fund by half.  CVS Caremark seems to put up this positive front on shows like ABC's Extreme Homemake Over that they are a caring company.  That is a bunch of BULL.  CVS Caremark only cares about putting up appearances mean while their on employees struggle financially.  My advice to you is to research the benefits of any company you are about to consider for employment.  Benefits, annual leave, sick leave, HOLIDAYS, etc matter.  Do not be a fool like me. 

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Unhappy Customer Unhappy Customer United States
So unhappy with Caremark, the CVS pharmacy service.  Our local (northern Virginia) CVS stores are always understaffed and customers can always hear the supervisor complaining that the staff never showed up.  They are desperate for staff but then they mistreat them.  We customers see what goes on you guys.  

Plus, the CVS stores are always out of drugs, but somehow Wahlgren's always has it and the staff is first rate.  As soon as we can switch insurance we are leaving Aetna so we can leave CVS Caremark.

10/31/2011 8:21:57 AM #